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  • The chart indicated below is approximate pricing for digital, DTG direct-to-garment printing.
  • Blank shirts average $2-3 each for heavyweight tees like Gildan 2000, and $4-5 for American Apparel 2001.
  • If ordering 75+ units, the average price for light garments is $3.50 per print, and $6.00 for dark garments.  
  • $100 minimum for any order, if you later place a bulk order of any size the $100 is credited back to you and applied towards your order. Orders less than 24 pieces will have be priced at a premium. 
  • If you must be present in the shop for sampling, the minimum charge is $350-500 depending on quantity and time.


Digital printing allows for unlimited color, continuous tones, and produces astonishing results. Different types of art and budgets call for different printing methods.  The turn around time is faster, there's better consistency, and overall print quality is higher with DTG printing vs. screen printing. The prints will often hold up longer than screen printing as well, as eveidenced by 8 years now of fantastic results. Our screen print minimum is 100-300 units depending on the nature of the job. We do screen print about 35,000 shirts annually, but print most jobs digitally. 

Since our inception in 2005, we've specialized in custom screen printing services, as well as digital DTG (direct to garment) printing on both light and dark garments, which allows unlimited colors in your artwork with no added cost whatsoever.  Not all DTG machines are equal, we only use absolute top of the line equipment & inks that will produce LONG-LASTING results. DTG printed T-shirts, when properly executed, are very high quality and will often end up at Nordstrom, Saks & Bloomingdales, as well as many worldwide boutiques.

This soft to the touch water based ink ink differs greatly from heat transfer/iron-on technology, as well as methods used by many online retailers; it will never wash out. This is a fairly new and revolutionary technology, launched in 2005.

Please email or use the contact form if you need immediate assistance or for a quick response to any question you may have on printing custom T-shirts.

This price list is a guideline, as every job can vary somewhat in price based on shirt brand & size of print. There is no limit to the amount of color you can use in your artwork. Finished print will appear just as you see it on your computer screen. Please visit us on Facebook or see our gallery page to see the amazing quality possible with this technology. Print photographs, paintings, drawings and illustrations with incredible detail. Ink cost is a factor with DTG so very large prints will have an increased cost. Prices are based on customer providing print-ready art. Any design services performed by will be billed separately. Please keep in mind that the size of the print can affect the price.


Price including high quality 100% cotton white T-Shirt - WHITE OR LIGHT SHIRT PRINTING (no white ink, any white in design will not be printed and will be transparent, the shirt color will come through instead Price including high quality 100% cotton colored T-Shirt - DARK SHIRT (white ink will be printed). Added cost is for necessary white underbase and double production time

Price for printing only (customer supplies shirts)


Price for printing only (customer supplies shirts)

DARK SHIRT PRINTING (white ink will be used)

100+ 5 3.5
75-100 7 9 5 7
50-74 11 6 8
37-49 10  12 7 10
25-36 12 14 7.5 11
13-24 14 16 8 13
1-23 please email

2nd print locaion 2-5 per shirt      

American Apparel add 2 per shirt